Client Services

Proclaim Physician Services™ offers a suite of innovative and revenue generating products and services that have been specifically developed to match the needs of Health Care Professionals.

From our convenient Point of Care Pharmacy program to our client-centered Point of Care Toxicology services, our services are designed to produce results for clients and their patients. Ultimately, our offering has been developed with the goal to help clients provide great care and treatment to their patients.

We are results driven and we are passionate about innovation. We continuously evaluate our suite of services against projected legislative and regulatory changes to assure readiness and HIPPAA compliance. In addition, for our billing and collection services process, we have implemented technology and procedures to improve collection percentages and have reduced the lead time needed to receive payment on claims. This allows our team of industry professionals to provide compelling results from our Revenue Management Services which includes billing and collections, consulting and report writing services, and insightful data analytics.

Our Suite of Products and Services:

  • Point of Care Pharmacy with Revenue Management Services

We are currently licensed in several states. Please contact us to learn more.
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